About Us:


 APC was established in 1991 as a private, family-owned business. In total, the staff has  over thirty years of operating experience in processing wild mushrooms. In addition, the  company processes wild and cultivated berries, since 2000.

 Present Activities:

 APC the leading agricultural company in Kosovo for:
  - collecting
                            -stocking &

 APC processes its products in four possible sectors:

 Fresh ¦Frozen ¦Dried ¦Canned

     MUSHROOMS:               BERRIES:
     -Boletus                         -Raspberries
     -Chanterelle                  -Blueberries
     -Amanita                        -Blackberries
     -Morel                            -Sloes
                                           -Juniper Fruits

 The Company has its collecting points throughout Kosovo, its points have installed cooling  system in order to keep the quality of collected fresh products under-controlled -  temperatures. All fresh products are being transported under-controlled-temperature from  any collecting points to the main-base, for further processing.

 Season Cycle Flow:
 -Transport to main-base from all collecting points
 -Control: visual inspection, pre-cooling
 -Processing: cleaning, selecting, cutting, slicing, cubing
 -Matching the best processing line: freezing, drying, canning
 -Packaging, weighting, labeling, palletizing

 The company primary export market has been Italy, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, as  well as other EU member countries.


 The Company success is based on our dedication to always provide our clients with the   highest quality products by constantly making quality better by complying with HACCP  standards.



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Fax: +381 (0)38 577- 476  -  Email: info@apc-kosova.com